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Designer. Educator. Entrepreneur.

Trained as an Industrial designer at the National University of

Singapore, I've honed my expertise in UIUX and Graphic

Design, crafting experiences that seamlessly blend form and function.

My journey in the design realm took a turn towards education

back in 2021. I've been coaching and guiding university-level

students in Visual Communications and Branding, fueling my
passion for nurturing budding talents.


I'm driven by a fervor for propagating the wonders of design,

whether through engaging in discussions and the curation of

dynamic events and exhibitions.

This portfolio is a curated showcase of my design endeavors,
both professional and personal —

each piece a testament to my dedication and creative vision.

P.S. This website's still a teaser, you may download my portfolio book ( its' constantly updated ) to find out more about the research processes that went through each of my projects. 

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