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First Dew

Project Type

Product | Exploratory




International Flavors and Fragrances ( IFF )


Gracia Fei,
Julia Lee

Breathing lift and form into fragrances

Scents are a beautiful thing. It's intangible, you know it's there, but you cant see,
or feel it. However, fragrances and perfumes have the power to alter your
emotions. Fragrance is very much alive. Could we materialise the aliveness of
fragrances through a ritualistic experience?

What if we could allow users to anticipate the bubble falling, and then
capturing it with the cup? Much like waiting for morning dew to drip off a leaf
in the early hours of the morning.

First Dew was designed to elevate the experience of a flagship fragrance. We
chose to use Gucci Bloom to represent our concept's aesthetic.

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