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In the Pursuit of Balance

Project Type

Product Design | Exploratory



Opportunities for Self-Care in our Digital World

This project was done as my final year thesis in my undergraduate studies in the National University of Singapore.

In this day and age, people are spending more time on their screens, and less
time for themselves. Could we introduce opportunities for self care for the digitally

As devices become smarter, humans continue to grow to depend more on their
devices, forming a ‘symbiotic’ relationship. Could we give meaning to the distance
between man and phone?

Qi is a nightlamp that works by using the light from the phone’ s
screen. Qi charges your phone before you go to rest and
transforms itself into a nightlight - which slowly dims as the user
slowly drifts off into sleep.

Qi creates that much needed space between man and device
during a person’s most important ritual - the one before a person
goes to sleep.

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