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Solitaire Infinity

Project Type

Product | User Experience




Singapore Airlines


Gracia Fei, Mabel Khaw

A Pre-emptive service that begins with a gift.

Infinity is designed as a symbol for Singapore Airlines Solitaire-tier passengers. An RFID
passport badge that creates a seamless experience for the Airline's most elite-tier
passengers from booking all through arrival at their destination.

Passengers begin their journey as soon as they book their ticket. We wanted
to create a seamless flow from home to airport that empowers Singapore
Airlines’ Solitaire level passengers such that they feel welcomed every step of
the way.

We looked at this opportunity from the standpoint of the customer and the
staff. We realised that we could create a seamless interface so that our
passengers receive an intimate interaction rather than a transactional one
within the first class check-in.

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