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Alpha Electrics

Project Type

Product Design | Entrepreneurship | User Experience


June 2020 - Jan 2023


Co-founder, Lead Product Design


Niklaus Teo, Royston Shieh

I was a co-founder and Lead marketing and Lead Product Designer ( UIUX & Product ) for the Alpha Electrics Startup.

How do you make riding electric a simple pleasure for the millions who rely on light vehicles every single day? We needed to go beyond just slapping on a large battery pack and giving it to riders. We wanted to transform the way people viewed them.

Alpha Electric aimed at redesigning the battery charging infrastructure for light electric vehicles - making them more accessible, efficient, and a joy to use.


The crux of our Battery swapping technology is the AlphaCell, we found that in South East Asia, cities and towns are extremely prone to harsh weather conditions. We wanted to create a hermatically sealed battery pack to mitigate safety risks and optimise user experience. We tested out wireless battery packs through hotswapping the MVP of an
existing electric bicycle before moving toward other light electric vehicles

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